Mismatched Baby Room Decor

My daughter's room is a mismatch of everything and anything.  Whether it be thrifted, gifted, re-used, homemade, or sale items, everything in there is very much "budgeted" :).  But I love it.  Everything about it.  I love it because a lot of the items in there already have a story behind them.  When I started to put together the nursery, for a while I was hung up on how none of the furniture matched, how the wall decor was not perfect, how I wished we had certain things that we just couldn't get, etc. etc.  It frustrated me that I couldn't put together the 'perfect' nursery for my baby girl.  I am not a pro at decorating...but I learned something huge through the process of decorating my baby's room.  I learned that putting my own creativity and my own personality in the room made all the difference.  I learned that I could make the decor look beautiful in my own way.  And that is why I now love her bedroom and it is my favourite room of the house.  I am also learning to do this to every room in our house, which is giving me a love for decorating in general!

Better than telling you about the room is showing you...so why don't I take you on a tour of my daughter's room?

Changing Table - The paintings above are made by me (blogpost to follow for DIY instructions!), the actual change pad is a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law, and a basket found from another area of the house for all the change table necessities.

The actual changing table was our kitchen island in our last apartment.  And the baskets underneath were a great deal from Target.
The corner where I have spent many late night feedings, slowly rocking Emelyn to sleep, and storytime.  This old fashioned rocking chair and the small bookshelf were both left at our home by past owners.  Emelyn's name sign was from a friend and the pillow, lamp, and wall shelves are all Ikea. 

A basket from my previous classroom, with an old scarf of mine, used to hold extra toys.

On top of a cabinet also left from past owners (along with the adorable curtains) I have made 3 muffin paper balls (blogpost of how-to to follow).  The bin in the middle is a box of memories for Emelyn, with a sign made by my talented sister (Find her work here: Snippets By Design)

Oh hello, Emelyn!  
Crib and mobile were both found from a Mom to Mom sale.  
Frames above - Great deal at Target again!  Pictures were done by my brother-in-law.

Wall decor - All the frames are thrift store finds and after painted by me!

Lamp - Deal at Target
Bird - Liquidation store
Box Card - Made by Snippets By Design
Container - Ikea in As Is section
Cats - Gift
Dresser - Mine as a kid!

Are you feeling stressed about your baby's room?  Or another room with decor?  Use your own personality and creativity to make the room turn out beautiful in your own way!  No need to spend a lot of money, and no need to stress about it being perfect.

Top tips?  

1.  Pick a theme or specific colours and stick with it.  I focused on Pink and Grey and by making sure mostly everything matched this theme, it made the room look more complete.

2.  Look everywhere and anywhere.  You never know where you could find a piece of decor that will add something to your room.

3.  Think about what you already have.  Most of the items in Emelyn's room are things I did not have to buy..I used what I already had to make the room work.

4. Don't be afraid to DIY.  Even if you aren't crafty, putting a DIY item or two in the room will add your own special touch, no matter if you don't have an artsy bone in your body.  (Thank goodness for Pinterest for quick and easy ideas! :)


  1. Love Emelyn's room! Amazing what you can use that you already own - makes it all the more rewarding. Thanks for the feature! :)


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