5 Ways to Get Through Vacation Ending Blues

September is here.  Which means many of us are ending off vacations and starting to feel the 'fall work mode'.  You know - that extra boost of motivation that only seems to exist in for the first few weeks of September.  (Teachers - I'm sure you get me.)

Perhaps you have that extra boost of motivation and feeling of productivity and therefore this post holds nothing for you - Props to you!  For those who have a difficult time getting out of that vacation mode - this is for you, whether it's September after long summer camping trips or you took a hot vacation break during the cold winter months.

Some points to help you get back into the work mode after a stay-at-home holiday or a vacation in the Bahamas:

1. Make sure you have a day to recover.  When planning your vacation, if possible, try to give yourself a day before you have to get back into work routine.  Instead of arriving home late on Sunday night before a busy week at work beginning that Monday, plan to arrive on the Saturday.  Take a day for laundry, groceries, unpacking, but mostly for relaxing.  Yes - that may be what you did for the past week...but you need one more day.  Trust me.

2.  Have the first week of meals planned ahead of time.  Before you go on your vacation, plan your meals for when you get back completely.  Go even further, and make a week of freezer meals ready to heat up.  The extra time this will take before your vacation will save you when you get back from the added stress of cooking meals while trying to catch up on work or the unhealthy and expensive choice of take out.

3. Get back into schedule as quickly as possible.  After taking that extra day to recover, work on getting back into your regular schedule immediately.  Write down your schedule, set your alarms, and push yourself!  It will take push initially but the sooner you begin, the sooner your will find the enjoyment and focus of your work schedule again.

4. Give yourself grace.  Along with number two, allow yourself to take a bit of time as well.  If you normally get up at 6 am for work but that sounds so difficult after vacationing, start with 630 and slowly make your way back to your goal.  If you normally take 2 breaks during the day, give yourself an extra break for the first week.  Add a few extra perks in your day to help you gradually get back into regular work mode.

5. Don't plan anything other than what is needed that first week back.  You may have family and friends wanting to catch up as soon as you step out of that plane.  Or perhaps you have a certain engagement that you were hoping to make the day after you arrived.  My advice - pretend your week back is still part of your vacation.  You already need to get back into working, perhaps taking care of your family, cleaning your house, or whatever responsibilities you have...and don't forget you need to take time for yourself!  Take another week from anything that you don't NEED to do.

Remember - that getting back into work after taking a break is not meant to be negative.  Our every day work is the purpose that God has given us in this moment.  Do your best to embrace it.  


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