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You Danced When You Were One

You danced when you were one. The music was loud, pop rock, mom and dad's stuff. Not kid stuff or baby Einstein or Mother Goose. You didn’t yet know how to walk and you wore a jean dress with a pink and brown flowered skirt. It must have been Sunday after church. I know because that was what I put you in on Sundays. This also meant daddy was home and we kept the day slow. Slow was our motto mostly because we were too dang tired to do anything else. A second pregnancy and a one year old who was still getting up is enough to do that to you. Daddy put the music on. I’m sure of it because as a first time mom I felt the need to do it all perfectly, and perfectly would be to have you only listen to soft Christian songs or Mother Goose. As a third time mom my poor little third baby has only listened to radio pop and I am pretty sure she will never hear the sounds of baby Einstein. Alas, things change as time goes on. Life gets looser. Motherhood becomes less tight knit and more full thr…

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