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The Gift of a Mom Friend

I have the summer off after a year of teaching. Perfect timing as I am due with my first baby the week back to school. Perhaps not so perfect timing as I endure the heat with a belly extending quick.

I am the first of my friends to be pregnant. It makes the pregnancy exciting in every way. Each get together is centered around the baby’s growth, how I feel, and all the plans for after. They are as involved as me (other than the actual carrying) and it brings me a sense of fullness. I’m not alone in this journey, they are all right here beside me, cheering me on and holding my hand.


Loneliness still envelops me. No one has gone before me to show me the way. No advice about sleepless nights have been handed out. No tips on feeding are readily available to give me a reality check. No one to tell me about mesh panties or peri-bottles. I am left to figure that all out on my own.

Those are the things friends talk about. Those are the things friends can warn you and help you and lead you thr…

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