A Beautiful Soul

I know this beautiful soul.

She wakes up at the crack of dawn every day, not only to help her own kids get ready for the day, but also to be prepared for spending the day with kids not marked as her own.

She enters her work space in the quiet before the storm, preparing all the details only she knows are needed; A squish ball for Johnny, an extra worksheet for Lisa, and the favourite clip that Beth left the day before. She heads over to the carpet and writes the question of the day on the white board, knowing that this small task is needed for their routine as much as preparing the daily lessons. She cleans up a leftover mess from the play dough center the day before, looks over her morning lessons, and sets out the activities for the warm up time.

She finally takes a minute to sit down and drink her cold coffee, while answering emails and collecting papers to photocopy. It won’t be long until the room is filled with chatter, laughter, and squeals and she relishes this time to soak in. But alas, the noise comes, as does the questions, the stories, and the requests.

‘Don’t forget your indoor shoes, Sally.’
‘Where does your book go, Timmy?’
‘Cheryl, please wait your turn.’
‘Don’t forget to say please, Ben!’

Her day continues.

She spends it repeating herself, explaining plans, activities and rules again and again, and leading in a servant yet authoritative manner. She wonders if her actions or words mean anything and if a difference is truly being made, yet she is making all the difference in the world to each little person. She spends her break time giving extra attention to Suzie who feels sad today and teaching Tom how to zip up his coat. She eats her lunch at a chair low to the ground chatting about the latest Paw Patrol episode and the best part about the park.

Her day doesn’t end at the ring of a bell. It continues with clean up and preparations for a day to come. It doesn’t end with a clean desk. It ends with plans strewn about for the musical that she leads for the school. It doesn’t end at the flick of a switch to close off the work space. It continues with a car ride home with her own little people and cooking up the taco meat on the stove. Her day ends long after the sun has gone down, long after the dishes have been cleaned up and the kids are all tucked in. Her day ends late, her day ends exhausted, but mostly her day ends full.

She does it all with a spirit of calm. She does it all with a face of joy. She does it all with a heart of love. Love for these little people whom she keeps as close to her heart as her own children.

I know this beautiful soul. She is a Kindergarten teacher.


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