A Beautiful Alarm... ?!

A Beautiful Alarm.

Does that sound contradictory?  Ironic?  Just completely impossible?

Let's see - you are in a deep, deep sleep dreaming about beaches and roses - and then BEEP BEEP BEEP.  Ah - the day is starting.  Or more like - AHHH the day is starting!!  WHY NOW?!  Can I not have just a FEW more minutes of sleep!?  

Not quite a 'beautiful' alarm is it?  

Does it have to be like this though?  Can there be another way?  I believe life to be a lot about attitude.  The attitude you have towards every aspect of your life.  I also believe that you can wake up, thinking this is a beautiful day - a beautiful awakening - a beautiful alarm.  

My hope with this blog is to help others live a life of intention and purpose, with an attitude of joy and thankfulness.  I believe this must start out at the beginning of each day.  The moment your alarm goes off.  (Whether your alarm is your 'beep beep beep' or your baby crying or a pop song or your toddler screaming.)  Instead of the feelings of panic, stress, dread, we CAN wake up with the feelings of readiness, joy, and even (dare I say) excitement.  

We can wake up ready to face the glorious day that God has set for us -  ready to use the day to give glory to our Father. And THAT is what makes our alarm beautiful.  

{Trust me when I say...I am learning alongside you.}


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