Overcoming the Stay-At-Home Mommy Blues

Motherhood to a baby can be extremely lonely.  Long at-home days, consistent missed outings, lack of sleep,  friends with opposite schedules, and husbands who work late are some of many contributors.  For myself - the loneliness comes in waves.  There will be weeks when I feel extremely busy with lots of events, friends, and time with hubby - while there will be weeks where I have nothing what-so-ever going on, while hubby is working late.  (It always seems to work hand-in-hand :)

It is easy to dwell on that loneliness.  It is simple to say 'woe-is-me' and sulk.  It is HARD to step up and do something about it.  It takes push.  Well - Here I am to push you and myself.  Today I need this reminder.

Here are 7 ideas to get you going on weeks and months when it is not easy to overcome that feeling of loneliness or even if you are simply feeling blue.

1. Find a hobby and stick to it.  What do you love to do?  Could it be gardening...crafting...writing..?  Now is your chance to discover a new hobby..or to expand on an old one.  At my baby's 6 month mark I began to get truly antsy.  So, I started making bracelets out of Memory Wire.  I stuck to it, and now I even sell my bracelets on Etsy and through Facebook.  On those long days and nights, beading is one of the things I most look forward to.   I honestly just love it!
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One of my morning walks...

2. Take a walk every day.  Seriously.  EVERY day.  Even if it's just to get your morning coffee at the nearest Timmies.  Even if it's bad weather...Okay..if it's REALLY bad weather, become a mall-walker!  No excuses.  ;)  I do suggest making it a morning priority - but whenever works best for you, do it!  Guaranteed, you will feel refreshed and much more ready to tackle another task afterwards.

3.  Get Involved.  Sometimes it can feel daunting, and it can be very difficult to get yourself to go out there.  But once you do, you will not regret it.  Whether it be a library program, swimming, an Early Years Centre, church program.. just do it!  Not only will you have somewhere fun for your child(ren), you will also have the opportunity to meet new people and simply have adult conversation throughout your day!

An example of my scheduled days...
4.  Make a Routine.  As a Teacher, I LOVE routine.  It makes my days feel full of purpose and my actions take meaning.  I have very scheduled days for Emelyn and myself, even to the point of taking the time at night to write down a complete schedule of my following day. (Most days - not all! :)  It truly helps every day go smoother, with a focus in mind.  (Soon I hope to blog more specifically about my routine.)

5.  Take the Initiative.  Is there a friend you could contact to get together for a play date? Like getting involved, this can also feel a bit intimidating.  It always worth asking!  Silence those doubts and fears of rejection and simply do it! If the answer is a no, you gave it a shot and what is there to lose?  Most likely, your friend will truly appreciate it.

6.  Give of Your Time.  Having time is a blessing and you can use it to bless others.  Not only will this lift others up, it will also bring you a feeling of purpose in your own days as well.  An idea is to challenge yourself to give of your time once a week.  This is not overwhelming and may help you to think beyond your own circumstance for a bit each week. Examples of how you can give of your time:  Make a meal for someone, bake cookies for your neighbour, mail a card to a friend, visit someone in need, drop off your friend's favourite treats, bring a coffee to someone at work, etc. etc.

7.  Make Scripture and Prayer Part of Your Daily Life.  Above all, fill yourself with the word of God.  Draw near to Him in those times of loneliness, for clarity and wisdom.  I try to do this at the beginning of each day, as I feel that it starts my day off on a 'good foot'.  Ask God to show you how HE would like you to use your days in order to give HIM the Glory.

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