Celebrating Marriage Growth

Yesterday was Tim and my 4th year anniversary of marriage..bliss. Just kidding. Sort of. These past four years HAVE been wonderful - but I'm not about to lie and say that every moment was 'blissful'. What I DO celebrate is the growth we have had. Tim and I took time last night to compare our first year of marriage to our fourth. The change that we have gone through..both separately and as a couple has been great.

Our Rings after 4 years.  Mine broken because of swollen fingers from pregnancy, and Tim's dull from hard working construction.  I still find them beautiful :)

 Three things I would encourage you to talk about on any anniversary you may have coming up: 

1. The change you have gone through as a couple over the years. How have you grown? This is surprisingly refreshing!

 2. Point out the blessings that God has given you as a couple. Talking about them together will help you be reminded of God's hand in your marriage. 

 3. Ask your spouse to tell you one thing YOU can work on in your marriage. (Notice I said YOU and not HIM :) His response may either surprise you or confirm thoughts you already had. For me, it was a confirmation and now I have my husband to help keep me accountable!

 We chose to spend our anniversary eating dinner out at Boston Pizza with our beautiful little girl. We had offers to take Emelyn, but we chose to spend the dinner as a family - and it was such a blessing! We loved being able to celebrate as a family of 3! :) (We also had cake and wine after she went to bed :)

A quick shot after our dinner out.  Taking a 'selfie' of 3 is hard ;)


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