Coming into Mommy-Hood

Welcome to "A Beautiful Alarm" - Beginning a blog has been inspired by the many blogs I have read while coming into Mommy-hood.  The advice, ideas, thoughts, and affirmation I have found through bloggers are what has gotten me through many doubts, uncertainties, and fears that have come about since the day I peed on a stick.  The blogging community is one that I never really thought I would truly get into.  Lack of confidence in my own writing, and sharing my thoughts bring me out of a comfort zone that I have forced myself to stay in - perhaps for too long.  I am thrilled, yet apprehensive to begin this new journey.  My hope is that we will learn together how to live this life of "Mommy-hood" with purpose and intention.

Stay  tuned for my next post - the reason behind the title "A Beautiful Alarm".


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