Summer Days

Summer days go fast - many of you will agree.  Can you believe it is July next week!?  For those who have just finished teaching for the year, you might be thinking your summer is just beginning.  Hubby and I were talking about how fast time was flying, thinking about how summer feels like it is going to be over in a snap.  Instead of dwelling on this and nostalgically dreaming of past summers, I thought of two ways to really, truly make the most of summer.

#1 -- REFLECT.  I believe that the power of reflection is very often not taken seriously.  While some might view it as a relaxing activity, I think it takes work.  It may seem like a waste of time, but is the opposite!  It is truly coming to a better understanding of yourself, your beliefs, and your actions.  Reflection is a great exercise to give yourself better wisdom and insight on how you are using your time.  Once I began to reflect on my summer so far (This year, my summer actually began in June!) I came to realize that I had already used my summer very well.  From a cottage trip, to a number of BBQs, to swimming in the lake, to a bit of gardening, to many, many stroller walks, to sipping smoothies in the backyard, etc. etc.  Reflecting on this, reminded me of how good my summer has been already!

#2 -- PLAN.  Two months is not fact there are only 10 weekends until Labour Day weekend.  Yikes.  Planning and Goal setting is a must in order to make sure you complete that 'Bucket List' I know you have.  Questions to ask yourself to begin planning...
                 a) What do you want to have accomplished by the end of the summer?
                 b) What do you need to do in order to feel that the summer was not wasted?
                 c) How can you truly enjoy these summer months?

Remember to always be specific and realistic!  Another suggestion - Only pick your top 2 to 3 things for each question... You will feel much better about actually accomplishing them than having 10 things and only accomplishing less than half!

**For all the teachers out there - Congratulations!  You made it through another year! Don't forget to celebrate!!


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