Top Time Wasters

I am a pro at wasting time.  There are so many things I potentially could get done in a day, but instead I spend my time getting better at wasting it :).  For the purpose of encouragement, I have made a list of my top time wasters, with a solution on how to get rid of them!  I am hoping this will give a good reminder of how we have so much more time than we think, but we are not always using it wisely.

1.  Perusing Instagram or Facebook mindlessly.  

Problem:  Aimlessly scrolling through statuses and pictures can be a bit addicting and also overtaking.  Often times I will find myself doing work on my computer yet checking my facebook every five minutes.  What I get done in an hour, I could easily have gotten done in half the time.  Other times, I have a list of items to accomplish during a certain time period, but I would first 'just check' my instagram account, only to find myself having wasted 15 minutes.  In the end, I gained nothing from that time.  

Solution: Only go on social media at dedicated times.  Do not allow yourself to go on whenever you have a free moment.  Pick specific times throughout the day to check your social media and make sure to keep those times to a minimum!  Another idea is to turn off your notifications for social media on your phone.  This has helped me tremendously from the temptation of checking every chance I get!  

2.  Over Planning. 

Problem: Talking about plans over and over again is something I do simply because I am waiting for the plans to start or want to perfect the plans to a tee.  In reality, I end up overthinking and re-thinking what had already been planned in the first place!

Solution:  Plan ahead and stick with the plans you made.  Go with the flow if it does not work out - but spend less time worrying about this as well! Above all, find joy in the current circumstance and how it is panning out.  

3.  Under Planning. 

Problem:  While opposite of #2, not making any plans for your day can also lead to a long day wasted. Where you could have gotten small tasks completed, you are more likely to watch TV, go online, or find other ways to use your day without being productive.  

Solution:  Planning ahead for your days will lead to purpose for your day.  Whether it be making a list, writing in your agenda, or having reminders set on your phone, your day will have a sense of meaning and accomplishment.  Personally, I like to make detailed lists, even with specific times for everything I do.  I find this keeps me on track and helps me to plan, but not to overwhelm myself with tasks to complete.

4.  Sleeping In.

Problem:  Whether it be for 15 minutes or an hour, that precious time could have been used for your own 'me' time, a quick load of laundry, checking email, etc. etc.  While it might seem worth it to stay in bed for those extra few minutes, the benefit of waking up early or on time can save you much unnecessary stress.  And ask yourself this question, do those extra minutes really help you feel more rested?  More often I find myself annoyed for sleeping in, rather than using that time with intention.

Me waking up early is my much needed
coffee, and devotions time.
Solution:  Go to bed earlier to make sure you are getting enough sleep, and set a wake up time that you can handle!  Recently I took a 14-day course called 'Make Over Your Mornings'.  This has encouraged me incredibly to work on using my mornings in a way that will make the rest of the day go smoothly as well.  Find the course here:  Make Over Your Mornings  .. I highly recommend it!

5.  Making Menial Decisions.

My Meal Plan for this week
quick, messy, and simple -- but it works!
Problem:  Decisions like -- What to make for dinner, what to wear, what chore to complete that day, etc. are menial decisions that if not planned for can take up so much more time than needed.  For example, if I have not planned what I will be making for dinner that night, I can spend up to an hour searching Pinterest or cookbooks and looking through my fridge and cupboards just trying to decide what to make.  And then I still have to cook the meal!  That's an hour of time I could have used for so many other more important things!

Solution:  Plan ahead!  Make a meal plan, decide what to wear the night before, make a chore chart..etc. etc.  I find that when I sit down to make a meal plan at the beginning of the week, it often will only me about 15 minutes to complete a plan for an entire week of meals.  It is so much faster than trying to decide each day what to cook - simply because I am being more intentional about deciding.  (This is also talked about in the course Make Over Your Mornings )

6. Waiting.

Problem:  Throughout the day, we go through a lot of periods of simply waiting.  Whether it be in the grocery store line, at an appointment, waiting for someone who is coming to visit, or waiting to leave.  Not only is this wasted time, but this wasted time can also be extremely frustrating when you are thinking about all the other things you could be doing at that time.  I am not a very patient person, and so these periods of waiting can be very taxing for myself!

Solution:  Use those waiting times to be productive.  In the grocery store line, why not answer a few emails on your phone?  At an appointment, why not take out that book that you have been dying to finish?  When you are waiting for someone who is coming to visit, why not have a list of 5 minute tasks that you could complete around the house?  You could tidy up your bedroom, organize a shelf or two, clean up a closet, etc. etc.  These are just simple ideas to use your waiting time wisely!

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  1. You are so right in all of your points! Good reminders for me to implement planning ahead more regularly! Thanks for your post!

  2. I love your solutions!

    I have turned off notifications on social media, but have not thought of picking specific times throughout the day to check it. Great idea! I'll be pinning. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I enjoyed many of your posts also!


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