A Year of Growth

My birthday is today and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I have no expectations.  My attitude is - go with the flow, and enjoy it! Last night I was up for the majority with my baby girl, and so right now I am on my second cup of coffee and savouring every sip, in the quiet naptime.  To me, right now, in this moment - I am truly celebrating.

In the past, I never imagined that I would have this attitude about my birthday.  I have always been the kind of girl to get really excited for her special day, have super high expectations, and be disappointed.(Because really, who is going to make a 5 tier ice cream cake, and parade me around like a princess..?)  They were purely selfish thoughts and I considered my birthday a purely selfish day.  I spent so much time waiting for others to make myself feel good. How wrong and awful of me. 

This past year I have grown a lot.  Having a baby will probably do that to you no matter what.  Since I had more time for myself than I have in years, I grew in my own dreams and relationships.  I began to WRITE - truly write.  Something that I've always wanted to pursue but fears and comfort have continuously held me back.  Just one week ago, I wrote my first article that was published!  (Find it at Her View From Home here - Love is Best )  I began to take my relationships more seriously, and really invest in them.  I began to take more time for my spiritual growth.  I began to set real goals and start to accomplish them.

Today - instead of making it a selfish day filled with my own desires and wishes of what others could do for me, I want to make it a day to personally celebrate my past year of growth and to also reflect and reassess how I can better live a full life for Christ this coming year.  I have so much to learn, so much to grow in, and I know God has a lot more in store for me.

I want to encourage you to do the same.  You don't need to wait for your birthday, you don't need to wait for a special day.  Take the time to reflect and reassess, wherever you are in your life right now. Ask yourself these questions:

- Are you focusing and investing your life where it should be?
- Are you living out your dreams in SOME way? 
- How can you push yourself a tad further to accomplish your dreams?
- What are realistic goals that you can set for yourself today?

Don't live your life waiting for others to make it special and great.  Live your life, making it great yourself.  Put your expectations on yourself, instead of focusing them on what others can do for you.


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