One of Those Days...

You know.  The day when everything seems to be going wrong.  The day when you are just not sure you are going to be able to make it through.  The day where you simply want to break down and basically give up.  That day you want to crawl back into bed until it is all over.

Maybe you were up with your fussy baby, what seemed like, all night long.  Maybe your plans for the day got cancelled and your stuck at home.  Maybe there are tasks you have to face that you just don't want to.  Maybe your day is simply not going right.

"Woe is me".  This is the easy and obvious attitude to have for a day like this.  Yet, it does not have to be.  As much push and challenge and out-of-your-comfort zone it might take you, it is worth it to find a way out of this attitude.  Some of it may require force, some of it may feel too impossible.  I want to encourage you today, to not give up on these days.

These are a few steps (in order) that I work on taking when I am having 'one of those days' in order to right my attitude.

1.  Admit it.  Admit to yourself why your day is starting off so rough.  Admit to yourself that this day WILL be difficult.  Admitting - ALWAYS the first step!

2.  Treat Yourself.  Whether it be making an extra strong coffee, a sweet tea, or a foamy latte at home, or whether you take an extra stop at Starbucks on your way to work, treat yourself to something a little special and extra this morning.

3.  Take 5.  Or 10.  Or if you can...15.  Sit with your hot drink, take a breath, say a prayer, and then simply relax for a short while.  Whether you want to pull out a book, read a blog, watch a quick podcast, flip through a magazine, or just simply sit and breathe, do so.  You need a little extra 'me' time on one of these mornings.

4. Rant.  Call or email a friend, a sister, your mom, your husband...whoever - and simply rant.  Tell them that your day is starting off not so great.  Maybe ask for a prayer.  It is worth it to let it out - you need support. We all need support.  The power of community is great.

5. Assess and Plan.  Think to yourself, 'how can I make this day somewhat productive or good or joyous?'  And then make a realistic plan.  Plan the rest of your day completely.  As you plan, make sure to put  in some extra excitements or joys for yourself.  Maybe a lunch out, maybe another coffee/tea treat, maybe a get together with a friend, maybe another phone call, maybe extra time to read or do what you love.  As you plan, give yourself some breaks today.  Perhaps today you need to order pizza for dinner or pull out that frozen meal.  Perhaps today you can't finish all the laundry you wanted to and you need to schedule in a nap instead.  As you plan, also make sure to add in simply 1, 2 or 3 things that will help you feel accomplished.  It is important that you do your best to stick to this plan all day - even when it feels too hard.  This plan will keep you on track, give you things to look forward to, and help you feel purposeful.

6.  Bless Someone Else.  There is something about giving to someone else through words, actions, material gifts, service, etc. that helps give you a sense of purpose.  A small act of kindness may be part of the start of turning your day around.

7.  Throughout the day, Push Yourself.  Push yourself to complete some tasks, to still be kind and compassionate (as hard as that is on a day like this!), and to find blessings throughout the day (and write them down, to help be reminded!).

8.  End off the Day on a Good Note.  End your day with some serious 'me' time.  Whether it be watching a movie or reading a book take time for this.  Then, go to bed at a decent time.  Tomorrow is a NEW day.

Instead of dwelling on how difficult this day may be, I encourage you to make this day into a positive day.  Be also reminded, that every day is for God's purpose and His glory.


  1. There are definitely days when you feel that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, when things go wrong, one thing after another. I guess we get so focused on the fact that it is going to be a bad day that we only notice one bad incident after the next, by focusing on the negative vibe we attract Mr. Negatron (more negative vibes). When I am having one of those days, I try my best to refocus my thoughts. This bible verse really helps: 1Thessalonians 5:18 "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, be thankful in all circumstances for this is God's will for you." The key word there is to be thankful IN ALL circumstances. I also pray that God bless my to see each day with a grateful heart, in this way I would always see that there is more good in my day than there is bad. Great post! Have a good day sweetie!

    1. Yes! I completely agree! I love that verse too - such a great reminder. Thanks for the comment! :)


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