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A while ago, you could find me at the blog Adventure of Teaching.  This is where, as an art and elementary 'rookie' teacher, I wrote about projects that succeeded, classroom management strategies, organization ideas, and lessons that flopped.  Soon I am going to be shutting down this blog.  I no longer update it, and don't find many reasons to keep it going.  However, before I do that I am going to start re-posting some of the more popular posts from that blog onto this blog.  I am beginning with a post that will help get you ready for September during these summer months.

"An organized teacher is what makes a good teacher into a great teacher." - anonymous

I am not an organized person.  Ask my mom, my sister, or my husband.  This is just not something that comes naturally for me.  However, I have learned the purpose and importance of organization.  Not only is it important for a teacher, but it is for a mom, and simply for everyday purposeful and intentional living.  I will write more on this later, but for this blog post I am reposting a blog about Organized Binders.  These binders truly helped me stay on top of things during the busy school year!

There are a ton of different ways to organize a teaching binder - many found on Pinterest :).  Instead of focusing on only one binder, I decided to use 3 different binders this year.  Last year, I felt very unorganized and all over the place with my binder so I'm hoping this will help.  Personally, I hate lugging around a massive binder with everything in it, which is my other reason for splitting up my information and notes.

This is how I decided to split it up:

Obviously, my teaching binder is my main, everyday binder.  These are the sections I used in each binder:

Teaching Binder

1. Important Info - Where I place all the extra important information I need for the day or week.
2. Schedules - Where I place daily schedules, including AEA, and schedule changes.
3. Day Plans - The obvious
4. Monthly Plans - This is something new I am adding this year in order to help me see an overall view of the month ahead.
5. Class Lists - This is used for daily reminders, field trips, etc.  (This is not used for marking - see below at the student binder)
6. Long Range Plans
7. Meeting Info

Student Binder

1. Class Lists - This will be used for marking and assessment.  I believe having this in my student binder will help me, as it will be the binder I will take along with me when marking and will also have students' information in it.  A clip board will be added to the front of this binder so I always have that to take with me as well.
2. Parent Teacher Interviews - Any information I need for these.
3. Student Info - I will have a section for each student in my class to keep anecdotal notes, report cards, etc.

Idea Binder

1. Overall Notes - General idea notes for the class
2. Management - Any ideas to improve classroom management
3. Language Arts
4. Mathematics
... And possibly to add other subjects I teach as well.

Hopefully this will make everyday chaos, into a bit more organized chaos :)


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