Out for Brunch

When Tim has a day off or we have a free Saturday, often we choose to go out for breakfast/brunch.  It is one of those things that I most look forward to on holidays.  Why is going out for breakfast so great?  Here are my top reasons:

1.  Cheaper than Dinner.  Eating out is a guilty pleasure of mine but is also one that gets pricey.  Eating out for breakfast is a great alternative.  At most breakfast restaurants they will have a deal on the menu for a full breakfast around $5.  It is also not difficult to find unique little breakfast joints that do not cost a fortune.

2.  Start Your Day Off Right.  I'm a huge believer in starting your day off on the right foot.  Going out for breakfast is a great way to have good conversation, eat a good meal, and begin your day on a positive note.

3.  Easier with Kids.  Most of the time, kids are at their best in the morning. When going out for breakfast you can simply plan around their naptimes and enjoy a fun and more peaceful meal with your little ones.

Next day you have free as a family?  Go out for breakfast and enjoy!! :)

Out for Breakfast this morning with my two favourites!

*** HAPPY CANADA DAY for all the Canadians!  ***


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