DIY Pretty in Pink 1 Year Old Party

Recently my little baby turned 1!  Ah, I couldn't believe and I still can't.  This calls for a lighter, crafty post.

We had a wonderful birthday party that was mostly a bunch of DIY projects put together.  I had a blast putting it together and enjoying the party.  Here are some pictures and ideas for your own DIY one year old birthday party:

Picture frames and pink basket with Emelyn's name - From Emelyn's room
Muffin Wrapper Balls - Made by me  with muffin wrappers, pins, and styrofoam balls.

Triangle Banner - Made with scrapbook paper that I already had.
Strawberry Lemonade Punch also added to the decor! (Though mine turned out to be a bit more of a maroon then a pink...) We also had a cake here for the guests (Not DIY :)

1 picture banner - Simply bristol board cut in the shape of a 1 with pictures to fill!

A simple BBQ was perfect for the hot summer day.

The Famous cake smash...
Banner - Made with scrapbook paper I had
Front banner - Meant for a high chair, I made this when I thought I would be using a high chair.  When I decided not to it still worked for a front decor piece.  I used ribbon, and scrapbook paper to make this.

You will see I taught Miss Emelyn how to show us 1 :).  (Only took a few hours...)
Smash Cake - Made by Emelyn's Oma

A simple, but still festive and fun first birthday for my beautiful baby!  :)


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