Take a Moment

Take a moment.

When the tears are coming without warning.  When you can’t let them stop.  When you need just a moment.  Just one. 

Take it.

When you feel your head about to explode.  The extreme frustration is building.  You need to get out and away.  Take that moment.

Don’t hold back.  Don’t push it aside.  Take the moment. 

Is your baby whining in the crib for you?  Take a moment.

Is your husband wondering when dinner will be on the table? Take a moment.

Did the milk splatter all over the 'just cleaned' kitchen floor?  Take a moment.

Did your work just call after an already chaotic day (or hour)?  Take a moment.

Did a friend message you, waiting for your response?  Take a moment.

Take a step away from your roles - your duties.  These do not have to define you for you.

You can do this.  You can be a mom, a wife, an employee, a friend, and more.  You will be great at it - all of it. But first, you need to be you.  To be you, you need to take a moment for you.  Just to breathe.  Just to sit.  To write…to think…to meditate…to do whatever it is you need to do to just be you. 

You are beautiful.  You are wonderful.  Just who you are. 

So take a moment.  Just one.  Today.  To go back to being you.  Because you are important. You hold significance.  Just by being you.  


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