Letting Go

Letting go of past friendships and relationships.  Letting go of past events and activities.  Letting go of how things used to be.  Letting go of how things could be.  Letting go is hard to face and difficult to overcome.  Yet it holds importance that we may be missing.

Life is fleeting - If we focus on the past we will miss the beautiful present.  The past clutters our mind with regrets, wishes, misses, and wonders.  Instead we can be at peace and with joy in today's blessings, today's circumstances.  This does not happen unless we truly let go.

I am terribly guilty of this.  Not only does it take away from my joy of today, it also brings me to regrets.  Regrets that include dragging on friendships that simply are not meant to be, or bring up the ugly past with relationships.  Regrets that include wishing of somewhere else I could be at that moment instead of being IN that moment and therefore missing out on blessings I didn't even notice.  Regrets that include dreaming of the future instead of being content with my life as it is.

Our situations and circumstances may not be perfect; in fact they might be far from it.  But the mindset of focusing on what could be, will not change or help the present.  The blessings we can see in the present are only visable if we look for them.  Take the time today to focus on the present and to see the blessings.  Write them down; talk about them; remember them for your day today.  

No matter our circumstance, no matter our current living, we CAN find joy in the here and now.  The tiny bit of pleasure we may feel from thinking about and dwelling on the past or the future is not worth the blessings we can find in the moment we are in.

THIS is the moment that God has brought you in.  THIS point, here and now is where He wants you, to fulfill HIS purpose.  By focusing and facing this -- we can find abounding joy.


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