Pregnant for the Second Time

I am pregnant for the second time.  As I am busy chasing a toddler this time around, I don't have as much time to check my baby growth app, to take pictures of my growing belly, or to journal about the process of pregnancy (sadly).  My energy is taken by my 1 year old, and for the rest of the time my exhaustion from pregnancy overcomes me.  In all honesty, this second time around, the weeks go by without too much thought.  Hubby and I joked the other day that we hope this tiny, precious baby does not feel less loved because of this!

While this all may be true, it doesn't get less surreal the second time.  Surreal that a PERSON can be living inside of me...a PERSON is being formed inside of!?  How crazy is that!?

How awesome is that!  God is using me to bring another human being on this earth...for His glory.  What can I say, but wow.  What an incredible honour and an extremely humbling process.

At 14-weeks old, this tiny baby can squint, frown, grimace, grasp, pee, and may be even sucking his thumb.  (Source: Baby Center )  As if, this little baby is sucking his/her thumb in my belly!  Thankful for scientists, doctors and websites like Baby Center, I can know these facts.  While I don't yet feel this baby inside of me, I know this baby is growing and is being made by God.  The small sign of my belly growing, the heartbeat sound on the doppler. and the ultrasound pictures are wonderful confirmations.  But above all, I know because of God's promise that He forms us in our mother's wombs.  He began to shape us from day 1, as tiny as we are. (Ps. 139:13)

We had a 'tough' time deciding how to announce our pregnancy.  We thought of the funny route with an Eviction Notice over Emelyn's crib, though decided that didn't really make sense since Emelyn will still be in her crib when Baby is born.  We thought of the 'Big Sister' Tshirt for Emelyn...but did you know that they don't make them in 12 month size!?  I guess they assume people wait longer between their babies...  :)

In the end I wanted to do something that was genuine and real.  And what is more real than showing Emelyn with her baby sister or brother?  Because after all, she does already have a baby sister or brother.  This baby is already here.  We are simply waiting to meet him or her.  While we may be busy and the days are going quickly, we honestly cannot wait!


  1. That's really really exciting! Congratulations! What a beautiful reflection!

  2. Awe. I love the picture. Your daughter is adorable, and that's so exciting about your new baby on the way. It's definitely different being pregnant the second time around with a toddler. Hope you get a little rest and have a smooth rest of your pregnancy. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! It sure is an amazing journey. Wishing you lots of rest and plenty of beautiful moments while waiting for the stork to arrive! :)


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