The Benefits of Supply Teaching

After graduating from Teacher's College I was blessed with a full time, Grade 2 teaching position for two years.  It was a challenging, exciting, and growing two years for me.  Then I went on maternity leave, moved to a different city, and am now supplying for various schools in the area.  And I am loving it.

I never thought that I would love supplying as it simply intimidated me at first.  But I do, truly love it.  Having my own classroom was wonderful, but after having a baby, the amount of planning and extra work, is exhausting to me.

If you have a supply position, are getting a supply position, thinking about supplying, or will be supplying in the future, I am here to tell you the many benefits.  These benefits have allowed me to continue to live a purposeful and focused life at work AND at home.

1.  No Planning or Take Home Work.  The obvious and first benefit to supplying is that you can go into work with nothing planned (except perhaps for a supply binder) and leave work AT work and go home and BE home.  When I get home from a day of supply teaching, I still have about 3 hours to spend time with my daughter, cook dinner, and do a tiny bit of cleaning.  Then I have my whole evening to enjoy with my husband, finishing up projects, or relaxing.  What a blessing this is!

2.  New Experiences.  New experiences can be scary,they can be challenging, and they can be very uncomfortable.  However, this does not mean they are bad.  In fact, I believe that anything that stretches us and moves us beyond our comfort zones is a good thing. As I am supplying I am learning that I am becoming more and more okay with going into uncomfortable or simply unknown situations.  It is helping me become a more confident person both in the workforce and simply in every day life.

3.  Growth as a Teacher.  Being able to supply in different classrooms and different schools allows me to learn from so many different teachers, principals, and students.  I am finding in the short time that I have been supplying, I am already learning about as much as I did in the two years I spent at one school.  I believe I am truly growing as a teacher, each and every day as I supply.

4.  Making Connections.  Supply teaching allows you to make so many more connections than you ever would if you stayed at one school.  By going to different schools you are making more and more connections with both teachers and principals.  These connections are great for the future if you are looking for a full time position.  They are also simply good to expand your community base.  Meeting new people can be intimidating, but as I am supplying, I am getting to know more and more people and my comfort levels are also growing through this.

5.  Balanced Life for a Mom.  Supply teaching allows you to have a balanced life at home and at work.  You can choose to work more often or you can choose to work less often.  I can spend days at home with my daughter and I can also have the benefit of working outside of the home on some days.  Also, much like I said in number 1, I can go home and not worry about the work in any way.  I can still have more than enough time to cook, clean, take care of my daughter, spend time with my husband, AND spend some time for myself -- daily items that I do not want to give up.  

I am not here to bash having your own classroom or teaching in general.  I am simply here to tell you that supplying can truly be a workforce that you may end up loving...especially as a mom.  


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