Using our Desires and Gifts

God has given us certain desires and wants in our lives, and I strongly believe they aren't for a lack of reason.  The talents and gifts we have NEED to be used to bring Him glory.  So - are you letting any gift or talents lay on the back burner?

For so long I chose to ignore my desire for writing and my desire for reaching out to people through my writing.  By ignoring this, I wasted many years where I could have been nurturing my desire, growing it to be something stronger.  I wasted many years where I could have been using this desire to give glory to God, to make His name known in this earth.

We ALL have gifts and desires to be used for His glory - the challenge is to discover those and then find way to use those in ways that will please Him.

Here are some steps as to discovering your gifts, talents, and desires and how to begin to use them.

1.  BE HONEST -- Be honest with yourself.  Your gifts and talents will not be the same as everyone else's.  While someone else might love to encourage people through coffee dates, you might feel awkward and incapable in those circumstances.  Do what fulfills YOU, what works for YOU.  Take the time to write down the things you love to do, take a spiritual gifts test online, and talk to others about talents they see in you.  You might be surprised at what all comes up!

2.  GIVE -- Do you love to bake?  Do you love to craft?  Do you love to make something... anything?  Use this love to reach other people.  Begin by giving to family and friends, reach out to neighbours, and eventually your giving will explode to more and more.  This simple giving is a way to use those desires and gifts in every day life.  **I will be writing a post soon on how I plan on to focus more on giving and how I hope you will join me in my journey!

3.  PURSUE -- If you love to write but truly feel like you have no where to begin, don't give up.  Pursue your out how to begin them and work hard at your goals.  It WILL be hard work.  It WON'T be easy.  But the results will be gratifying...and more than will give glory to God.

Let us do what brings us happiness and fulfillment, for this is what God desires of us. 

**Matthew 25: 14-30


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