Why I Make Bracelets

About 3 years ago, my husband and I began a new small group at a church we were attending.  The group started off with a few get to know you questions.  One of the questions was 'What is your hobby?'.  At the time I was in my first year of full time teaching, newly married and very focused on friendships.  I didn't have time for a hobby.  As everyone was answering I was wracking my brain for some type of hobby, something that I did for myself that I enjoyed...something other than watching TV.  I could think of not one thing.  So I made something up --- I said I enjoy sketching.  Truth?  I probably hadn't truly sketched for about 3 years.  At that time it definitely was my hobby, but for the 3 years since then, I really couldn't come up with something.

A hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.  In reality, I just thought to myself that I didn't have personal leisure time.  This was completely a choice.  At the time I truly wasn't spending time filling myself.  Filling yourself up is the only way you can continue to carry out all the other tasks of the day with gratitude and positivism and give into your relationships wholeheartedly.

A little less than a year ago, I started to delve into making Memory Wire Bracelets.  I had, had some experience with Memory Wire, I found beading relaxing and yet sparked my creativity, and I needed to do something other than change diapers while being on Maternity Leave.  It was exactly what I needed at the time and I spent many nap times and evenings watching Netflix while beading away.  While I sold some, this was not the main purpose (Just a bonus! :).  The purpose was simply for my own enjoyment. It gave me a sense of personal accomplishment and purpose in the time of new motherhood.  I finally had a hobby again.

A little more than 2 months ago I stopped making bracelets.  I became busier and at nights I just felt too tired to do anything other than watch Netflix and fold laundry.  Nap times have now been devoted to blogging and cleaning.

This past week I began to bead again.  I felt a creative urge one evening when hubby was working late and baby had gone to bed pretty early.  It wasn't until I began making bracelets again that I realized how much I had missed this simple crafting.

To someone else, it might be a silly little thing.  To me, it is a significant personal enjoyment that gives me the creative outlet I need, amidst the busy days.

Are you taking the time for your personal hobby that does the same for you?  For everyone it is different, but for everyone it IS important.  Perhaps it is getting crafty in some way, or maybe it is something completely different.  Maybe you don't even know what it is yet --- take the time to figure that out.

Take the time to fill yourself up with enjoyments for you -- you will be astonished at how taking the time for this will bleed positivism throughout all the other tasks needed to be accomplished that day.  

I don't do it to sell.  I don't do it to say 'look at my designs!'.  This is what I do simply for me; simply for personal growth in creativity and my personal enjoyment.  And that is okay.  It IS okay to take the time for that hobby that fills you - as simple or perhaps as insignificant as it may feel.

[Take a look at my personal hobby here:  Beadazzled Bracelets]


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