A Mistake

When you make a mistake and the guilt runs deep.  So deep.  The consequences are real.  Terribly real.  Yet you know it deserved worse...much worse.

A mistake that has to be told, again and again... while judgment and ridicule surround you.  The loudest voice of judgment coming from your own soul, your own heart.

A mistake that you don't know if you can live with...if you can bear it.

A mistake that feels, in the moment, like it is the worst mistake out there.  Not one other person can you find who relates.  Not one other person who has done the same.  A mistake that brings you to desperate loneliness, despair, and close to the downward spiral of depression.

A mistake that you know will haunt you.  A mistake that cannot be forgotten.

A mistake that brings you to feelings of your own stupidity, foolishness, and weaknesses.  These are truth.

Yet there is a greater truth.  A greater truth than this mistake, a greater truth than these deep feelings.  There is forgiveness and there is forgetfulness.  Only through one way -- only through Christ.  He can redeem; He will redeem.

Amidst your stupidity, foolishness, weakness -- He is the strength, the wisdom, the guide.  There is a way through - but only through Him.

Let Him shut down the guilt.  Face your mistake and be redeemed from it.  Lean on Him, and don't stop.  Hold on to Him, and don't let go.  He forgives, He forgets and you are free.  


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