A Simple DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar

This Christmas season I have decided not to put any stress on myself in regards to decorating for the holidays.  I want to decorate but I don't want it to be an added stress or dislike of mine...which it has been for many years, and even started to again this year.  Read more about this in my latest article on Her View From Home.

So, simply for my own enjoyment I am choosing to do a few simple DIY Christmas decorating projects this year.

To start off with, a DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar.  To me, advent calendars are so important during this season because they help you get in the right mindset for Christmas.  Instead of the chocolate calendars (though I do love those) I decided to go with a scripture based one to help my family stay focused on the true meaning behind it all. There are so many beautiful advent calendars that you can make.  While I do think it is such an important part of decorating I did not want to spend hours making the perfect advent calendar (Maybe next year.. :).  This advent calendar is so simple you will only need one short evening to complete it.  It is perfect for a last minute add or even a quick craft to do with your kids,  It is meant for on your fridge - this works perfectly for us as we eat dinner in our kitchen and so we are reminded to check the advent calendar and read the scripture for that day every evening at dinner.

All you need is...

- Festive coloured paper (I'm focusing on red and gold this year so I decided the red and baige would match)
- Sharpie
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Magnets
- This reference:  Advent Bible Scriptures

1.  Draw and cut out 24 different shapes out of the coloured paper.
2.  Write the numbers 1-24 in unique ways on each shape.  Make it as fancy as you like!
3. Copy down the Bible verses on the backs of the numbers according to the numbers on the reference.
4. With one small cut out magnet on each number, stick to fridge!

Begin on December 1 and stay focused on the true purpose for this season! :)


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