Embracing Every Moment

Embracing every moment is easier said than done.

This past year, I have spent most days looking forward to naptime.  Not that I don't love the time I get to spend with my daugher...don't get me wrong, I definitely do.  But naptime has been my time to write, organize, clean, and mostly just relax. It has been the time that I get things accomplished and the time that I have for myself.  I think about working outside of home before I had a baby and it was always the same.  I woke up often looking forward to getting home to relax, have dinner, and do my own things.

My ideal naptime..

Perhaps it is abit of selfish thinking (or a lot..), a bit of lazy thinking, and a bit of okay thinking.  I do not consider it bad to look forward to a certain time in the day or in the week. In fact that can be a really good thing in order to motivate and to encourage ourselves.  It does become a bad thing if we focus on it too much, allowing ourselves to miss out on the here and now.

By focusing on that naptime so much I began to miss the enjoyment of playing with my daughter on the floor.  I began to be obsessed with being home at a specific time for naptime just so I can have my own time, rather than allow my daughter to enjoy the time out and be okay with napping a bit later, or in the car.  (Some might disagree with me on this one but personally I don't think it is truly that bad for a baby to sleep in the car once in a while or have their schedule be a bit flexible.)  I began to get frantic if I couldn't finish everything I was hoping to while she naps and would get frustrated if her nap was shortened for any reason.

I say this all in the past tense, but in reality I am still struggling with it today.  Instead of being so focused on having my own quiet time, I want to be more focused on embracing the here and now, embracing every moment for the enjoyment it can hold. This can be done by changing my mindset, by choosing to see the good in all moments.

I don't want to spend my days waiting for naptime.  I want to spend my days finding that enjoyment in playtime, in changing diapers, in going to appointments, in eating lunch together, in running errands together, and so much more.

THIS is joy.
Sometimes it feels like my every day job and purpose are so menial.  Building a tower for the 20th time after my daughter knocks it down and laughs can often feel like a lack of purpose.  Perhaps more moms can relate! :)  But the truth is that this IS my purpose right now - this IS where I am supposed to be...what I need to be doing, and nothing is more important than that right now in my life.  Along with that, there can be so much joy in fulfilling your purpose. 

**Perhaps you feel the same way about motherhood...or maybe about work.  Take the time today to embrace every moment -- choose to see the good and the joy in every moment...even through those menial, tiring, and long tasks that you are faced with.


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