4 Tips for Monday Mornings

We all have those days where we need a little extra push yet a little extra grace as well.  Those days that just take a bit more for us to get going.  Those days are usually called...Mondays.  Whether it was a quiet, relaxing weekend or a busy and exciting weekend, Monday mornings are the dread of most.  The weekend is when we get out of our regular routine and the biggest issue is that we often sleep in a bit and stay up later.

Mondays are hard.  There is no denying it.  So I have come up with a few tips to help you get your week started.

1.  Plan and Prepare Sunday Evening.  Or if you are really ahead of the game, on Friday plan for your following Monday.  Write down your schedule and your routine.  This way, when you wake up, the overwhelming feeling of tasks ahead of you will already feel organized and ready to go.  On top of  this, do anything you can to make your morning wake up easier -- make breakfast ready to go, tidy up the house for 10 minutes before bed, plan your outfit for the day, and even prep your lunch.

2. Don't overplan.  Mondays NEED that extra grace and it is important that you give it to yourself.  If you have a bazillion things to get done that week or even that Monday, write out a list and pick the top few that are the most important.  Don't add anything extra to your Mondays and don't plan tasks that you don't really need to do on a Monday.  I very much dislike cleaning the bathroom...it is one of those tasks that I do simply dread.  So I never plan to clean the bathroom on a Monday.  As much as possible, I also purposefully don't plan any playdates or appointments on Mondays.  Monday is my day to get the week started and I need that quiet time at home (and so does my toddler!!) to get back into regular routine after a weekend of 'chaos'. 

3.  Start slow.  On every other week day I start my daughters first nap with cleaning and chores.  But on Mondays I don't (Other than a quick load of laundry).  I start slower because I know that my motivation is just not there on Monday mornings.  So instead I begin with tasks that I enjoy a bit more.  These tasks include checking emails, working on my blog, organizing something small, etc.  These are tasks that make me feel purposeful and are also tasks that I truly enjoy and look forward to.  This way I am still doing something that is meaningful but is not exhausting me on a morning where I already feel exhausted.  The chores and such can wait until a little bit later in the day, just for this one day a week.

4. Don't forget the coffee.  Seriously.  Or tea...or whatever else it is that gets you going in the morning.  Give yourself a little extra boost on those tough mornings and drink a second (or fourth) cup.  TREAT yourself.  

Happy Monday everyone! 


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