When Christmas Overwhelms

Many of us have already read posts and articles on doing less for Christmas and bringing back the true meaning of Christmas.  We all know Christmas can overwhelm us - from the consumerism, to the decorations, to the get togethers.  Instead of a holiday, to some of us, it may feel like more work on top of all of our other daily tasks.  Or perhaps there are some of us who are overwhelmed simply because of the loneliness that Christmas may bring.  

It saddens me to even read all of these articles and posts.  It saddens me that they have to be written.  It saddens me because this is the very opposite of what Christmas is and should be about.  Yet it is important that they are written, that they are heard and that they are read for people to gain a more clear perspective.

To me, Christmas has a one word definition - Love.  Love for family and friends, love that is spread throughout the earth, a communal love that is meant to be known for everyone during the season.

But above all, it is about the love that Christ has for us.  The fact that we have cluttered Christmas with these unnecessaries stressors takes away from that true meaning.

This is the reality of our Western Christmas.  Because of that, we need to combat it as much as possible.  We need to bring back our focus and we need to constantly be reminded and told, just like we are constantly bombarded with gift buying and getting during this season. 

The following are three of the top posts I have read on  bringing Christmas to a more true focus:

And two posts I have already written on this topic as well:

It is so important to be reminded and stay focused on the true meaning behind the holidays as it is so easy to be engulfed in the temptations of our Western Christmas.  These worldly and consumerist views of Christmas do not bring us the true joy that Christmas is meant for.  Only resting on the love of Jesus will bring us this true joy and a true peace within. 

**Please comment with any other posts or articles that relate to bringing back that focus of Christmas.**


  1. I like the posts you shared about Christmas meaning. It is about love!

  2. Great posts! I loved Alana's post on the true meaning of christmas as well in Christmas from Nothing. All of them are a great reminder of what's it's all about!

    1. Yes...her post was soo moving!! Brought me to tears.

  3. I have a 3 year old and this is the first year we really get to celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas and he gets it.

    1. That is so exciting! I hope you enjoyed celebrating!! :)


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