Living Out Our Days

There are days, weeks, months, and sometimes years that we live for the weekend, vacations, and holidays.  Once one is finished, we count down the days until the next one.

The truth is, as we plan and dream for those exceptional days we miss out.  We miss out on the special moments in each and every day.  We miss out on finding enjoyment in our every day tasks.

We miss out on truly living. 

It is healthy and good to look forward to a specific occasion or an exciting event.  However there is a difference between looking forward to it and waiting for it.  When we wait for those times, we are choosing to ignore the beauty that can be found in that current day, hour, or minute.  As we wait, we also waste the current time we have.  

Today I want to challenge you to embrace the every day.  The regular day.  The 'boring' day. Or even the tough day.  Find the good in that day.  Don't sit and wait for something else to happen or for the future to unfold.  Allow that day to be the happening day.  Even in our mundane tasks we can find that joy.  It is a matter of being thankful in the moment and seeing the beauty right then and there.  

God has a purpose for you today.  Let today be the day you live out that purpose with thankfulness and joy.  Even through those routine tasks that you need to get through.  Even through those slow moments of boredom or loneliness and those intense moments of overwhelm --- even in THOSE moments, chose today to be thankful.  

**Chose today to find the joy in the here and now and truly live out your day.**


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