4 Tips for Keeping God Present Daily

Our every day lives are quite often busy and chaotic.  We can go through an entire day without having a thought of our true purpose.  Our tasks need to be completed, our to-do lists are long, and our minds are racing.  While we may have set times to focus on our faith lives, perhaps on Sundays at church and/or a weekly Bible study, those specific times are truly not enough to keep our minds focused on the every day living for our Saviour.  It is so important to be continually surrounding ourselves with Gods' word, prayer, and His direction. This is true so that each moment our decisions, even our minor ones, are made with the focus of Him and His purpose for us.  

Keeping God present through all things may not come naturally. Our sinful natures take over and take us far from thoughts of God and His purpose.  The following are 4 tips that can help you to keep your mind and heart where it needs to be each day amidst the busyness.

1.  Morning Bible Reading.  While this may seem like a repetitive one, as we often hear the importance of daily devotions again and again, it is one that we need to be reminded of.  Beginning your day with scripture brings your mind and heart into the focus it needs to be for that day.  As busy as our days may be, taking that 5, 10, or 15 minutes to dive into God's word is the most important task on our list in order that all other tasks may be completed in His light.  Read my post here on daily devotions:  Regular Devotions are NOT Easy

2.  Background Music.  Whether you are cleaning, working, or playing with your kids, having Christian music playing in the background can bring a spirit of peace and awareness of God in your every day tasks and surroundings.  In our household, we constantly have music playing and with a toddler it is often nursery rhymes or some type of childrens' music.  However, I also make sure to put on praise and worship music at least twice a day.  This is a good balance for both my daughter and I.    

3.  Podcasts.  Listening to a sermon or a Christian speaker is another way to keep your focus while completing tasks, driving, excercising, etc.  This is a great way to keep our minds sharp, be continually learning about God and how we can better live for Him, and keep our hearts close to His. 

4.  Open and Honest Conversation.  Having at least one conversation a day with a friend, your husband, a family member, etc. about something that God is showing or teaching you will also keep your mind sharp on God's word and your heart applied in His presence.  It can simply be a quick text to a friend, a phone call, a talk during lunch, or if you have the extra time that day, a full out coffee date.  Be reminded to bring up God's name in your every day conversations. At first it may feel unnatural and difficult.  As time goes on you will become more and more accustomed to it and it can become more of a simple, expected topic of conversation.

Even beginning with one or two of these tips is a great place to start with bringing back your true purpose for each moment of each day, putting you in tune with His will.  

What tips do you have for keeping God present in your every day living?


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