Just Because

I have no strong feelings against or for Valentines Day.  It is simply another date on the calendar for me.  In the classroom it is so much more than that with kids giving valentines and chocolates, hyped up on sugar.  And as a kid, that is really all it was about...the candy and the notes.  Growing up it becomes more about sharing and showing love through gifts...though really, it's still mostly about the candy :).

In the past years I have put so many expectations on my hubby for Valentines day simply because of the two words written on the calendar on February 14.  But why?  Because Hallmark tells me to?  Because it is expected all around me?  Why do we need to take this one day of all days to give gifts of love simply because it is expected?

A gift of love 'just because' is much more sincere, authentic, and beautiful. The expectations of this 'holiday' often bring unneeded pressure, unauthentic gifts, and quick wants.  This does not reveal the true love and care that we could be bringing to one another.

Whether or not you are choosing to give gifts on Valentines Day this year or skip it all together, make sure that you are giving your gifts of love with a sincere and devoted heart.  Don't allow Valentines Day to determine your giving -- give out of a grace, thankfulness, and peace.  Give of your abilities, of your time, of your possessions.  Give 'just because'.


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