A Time of Waiting

I was presented with an opportunity today.  It was an opportunity I had hoped for and one I had prayed for.  Yet, I had not been watchful.  I had not been aware or ready.

It is easy to want an opportunity to come to you.  It is simple to wait for one to come with no preparation or readiness on your part.  It takes little effort to complain and be frustrated for a lack of opportunity when we chose to sit back and do nothing about it.

What opportunity are you waiting for today?  What do you wish would come to you in your life today?

Don't allow the opportunity to be missed - don't allow yourself to wait for it and then watch it pass you by.  Opportunities come from hard work, determination, and focus.  How can you work towards your opportunity today?  How can you actively wait for it?  What can you do to prepare yourself?

Living in times of waiting can be difficult - they can feel long and like points of limbo in your life.  Use that time of waiting to be intentional.  Whether you are waiting for a move, waiting for a job, waiting for a next stage of life... do so in a way that is active and purposeful.

Currently, I am waiting for my little baby to be born.  I am waiting for the fourth addition to our family.  While waiting I want to cherish the time I have with my toddler --- this will be the one of the only times it will just be her and me at home during the week.  Both her and my lives are about to change drastically and I don't want to wish away this time that we have together.  These last few weeks before baby do hold purpose - they are important.  It is easy for me to want these weeks to go as quickly as possible, but may I embrace this very short time and be wise in my use of it.  May I be intentional with my time as I prepare for baby as well.

*May your waiting time be more than just ticks on a clock or meaningless stares out a window.  May your waiting time be a time of purpose.*


  1. Waiting is so difficult for me. Thanks for the reminder to be intentional while we wait.

  2. What a great reminder. I am definitely in a waiting time. This reminds me of Dr. Seus' book "Oh the places you'll go!" The waiting place is the hardest in the book :)

    1. Ah so true! haha! Dr. Seuss gives the best life lessons :)

  3. Such an important reminder that we really need to be actively waiting so we don't miss out. Thanks so much for sharing <3


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