Celebrating Freedom this Easter

Much like Christmas, in the past I used to always feel unprepared for celebrating Easter.  Easter - such an incredibly important time to celebrate... in fact the most important celebration of all.  I felt the pressure of needing to be prepared by having a devotional routine down pat, by having scripture verses memorized, by being the 'perfect Christ Follower'.  Every time Easter came I was disappointed in myself, with feelings of guilt overcoming me...after all that my Saviour has done for me.

Once again, this year I am reminded.  It is not just about celebrating on this one Easter Sunday.  It is not simply about becoming the 'perfect Christian' in order to be able to celebrate all Jesus has done for me.

That is the point isn't it?  That we are imperfect humans and Jesus was the one who came down to take away our imperfections...and take away our guilt.

Guilt can consume me.  Even on this weekend of celebrating the freedom from that.  In fact, especially on this weekend.

The beauty of this weekend is that we get to celebrate the freedom from this guilt. We get to celebrate the incredible sacrifice made for us.  How dare I make this celebration be darkened by a cloud of guilt.  It is God's desire for that to be taken away.  Hallelujah!

It truly is that simple.  This Easter, I am filled with a thankful and joyous heart for the freedom of such guilt and for the continual grace that I receive from my Jesus who laid down His life for me.

A Very Happy Easter from my family to yours!


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