It's Not About the Money

As I sit in this coffee shop... taking time to read, research, and write I am filled with gratitude. Gratitude for this beautiful view of the cold lake, while I sit in this warm, cozy atmosphere with my freshly brewed coffee.  Gratitude for this quiet day meant just for me -- bringing out my 'introvertedness' in the best way.  Gratitude for a day of creativity and expression in the best ways I know how.

Gratitude.  This one day is worth every penny of daycare simply to gain that gratitude mindset.  While I may not be making a cent, this one day of re-charging my batteries is more than worth the money. isn't about the money.  So often we go through life counting our dollars, budgeting our finances, spending more and more, and constantly looking for ways to gain more money.  Our lives are focused around our finances - but often this is whether or not we want them to.  Money is 'essential' for our every day lives and naturally we are focused on making more to live better.

But what if we took a day just to stop?  To stop thinking about the money and to stop worrying about having enough for our next big purchase.  What if we took a day to simply sit back and enjoy and be reminded of all of the other much more important aspects of life?

At times, making money is the most important part of our jobs --- we need to survive, we need to be able to provide for our daily needs... yet even in these times, let us not let those jobs define us, and take over us because of the money.  Let us still find the creativity and joy we can find in our every day living, our every day work.  Perhaps for you this means taking an extra day off this week or month to simply spend for creativity.  Perhaps for you this means finding creativity and joy in your every day work.  Perhaps for you this means taking a step back to find what brings you enjoyment in this life and taking time for this amidst a busy work schedule.

Whatever it means for you --- take the time to consider how you can bring yourself into a mindset of gratitude...a mindset of creativity and joy.  A mindset that is not revolving around money.


  1. <3 So true. Money can't fix everything, and it can't buy TRUE happiness. Taking time to do the things you enjoy helps keep you grounded so you're not just chasing after that next dollar.


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