Becoming Re-energized

This mothers day I spent time to sit in the still and quiet - to simply write.  I write for my own outlet, my own enjoyment.  It is nap time and as the house is at complete peace I am taking the time to exercise my mind and be reminded of what I love to do.  Normally, I would be spending this time napping myself -- a busy mom of a newborn and a toddler, sleep comes in short supply now-a-days.  But I am willing to give myself a little less sleep today in order to fill myself up in a much different way.  This way re-energizes me and allows me to be ME.

I hold many roles - as we all do.  These roles include (but are not limited to) wife, sister, daughter, and mother.  But these roles (as important as they are) do not define me.  Though, I do have one role that does define me - that role is Child of God.  This overcompasses all other roles and tells others who I am wholistically.  In order to best be in this role, I must take the time for my own personal enjoyments.  These desires come under being a Child of God because they are what make me, me - they are what God instilled in me.  One of these desires is to write.

For the past month I have taken a drastic step back from my own personal enjoyments.  Having a newborn baby is a good excuse.  But all this while I felt something missing.  I have been pulled and stretched in so many ways this past month, yet I have not chosen to take the time to truly refuel.  In turn, this has made me stressed, ungrateful, and overwhelmed in ways that I otherwise may have been able to overcome simply by taking a little time for me.  As tired as I am, and as worn out as I feel, these times of refueling are key in allowing me to do my job the best way I can.  Even if that means taking a little more time away from sleep.

No matter how busy, overwhelmed, and exhausted we are - we need to take the time to refuel.  In fact, the busier we are, the more we need to do so.  These are the times where creativity is expressed, thoughts are laid out, and happiness is re-defined.  These are the times where we can truly be ourselves in the most authentic way, which in turn can help us do so within our daily roles.

Take the time today to simply be you and to express yourself in the way you best know how.  Your family will thank you for it.  You in turn can be reminded of your worth and beauty as who God made you to be - hobbies, desires, enjoyments and are his beloved child. Be reminded that He desires this of you as well.

**Later this week I will be posting on practical ways as to how to find this time for you in your busy schedule!**


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