Less of Me...

I so badly want to serve. I want to serve Christ. I want to serve Him through serving others; through being an example of His love by being incredibly kind, incredibly gentle, and incredibly selfless.

I saw a man begging outside of the liquor store the other day. My heart reached out to him. And I thought...I want to care for him, I want to love like Christ loves. So, like a good Christian girl...instead of giving money I went to the nearest Timmies, bought a sandwich combo and drove back, only to find him gone. Embarrassed, ashamed, and confused I drove away. That is when I prayed. God, why? I was trying to be your hands and your feet… why didn't you let me?

Oh how funny it is when we think we can do God's work on our own. Without Him. Oh how funny it is when we think we have the best idea of how to serve, on our own. How funny when we think we know… because we don't know. We don't know how God is going to use us, how He wants to use us. We can't serve Him without Him. Obviously. Yet, so often we try!

If only I had prayed before I chose to try to help that man. If only I had asked God if he wanted to use me in that situation, what He wanted me to do at that point. If only I had gone to Him first. Who knows how the situation would have turned out differently.

It is so much less about us and so much more about God's work and God's plan...no matter what situation we are in. May it be less of me 'wanting to serve' and so much more of me wanting to come to my Lord and live with and for Him.

**Less of me Oh Lord and more...SO much more...of You.

John 3:30 "He must become greater; I must become less."


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