The Discipline of Writing

It has been a while. And even now, as I sit and write I am struggling. Struggling to get back into this focus and discipline. Isn't it funny how even though it may be something we love to do, it still at times takes discipline to do it? Our flesh would rather turn off our minds completely, eat some cake (Who are we kidding...I am still eating cake.), and binge watch something without thought until we no longer can keep our eyes open and we sink into our nice cool sheets. Ahh...I am dreaming of it now (the sleeping part..)

Discipline. That should be my word of the year. I have had to use this so much this past year in so many ways. Discipline in training my thoughts to be thoughts free of worry, training myself to stop being distracted and more in the moment, and training myself to look for and at the things and desires of God rather than the things and desires of self.

And now, here I sit. Disciplining myself to write. Again. Why? Because it is oh so good for my soul. It is oh so good for who I am and who I was made to be. I crave it. It has been a while and I feel rusty. But I also feel refreshed and revamped and renewed. I am ready to re-start this journey of writing.

Ps. What are you putting on the 'back burner' that you need to start disciplining yourself to take time to do?! Whatever it is – take a night out...sit in a coffee shop, or in a quiet room, or wherever you need...and just do it. Take time to revive yourself. You will be a better wife, mom, sister, friend, and/or employee for it.   

See post Be Disciplined for more talk about 'discipline'.


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