Embracing the Unpredictability

Do you ever feel like you are stressed all day to stay on schedule?  You want to be sure your kids will not get whiny, or that you complete the tasks you had planned? Perhaps you are stressing about perfecting your days in the way that makes you feel good about them.

Even though I am not necessarily the most planned or organized person (as much as I try to be), I desperately struggle with this.  I stress out when my toddler falls asleep in the car and all bets are off if she will keep napping at home.  I get frustrated when I do not have a good chunk of quiet time for myself or my baby wakes up early from her nap.  My irritability scale goes up and up as the day goes on and it reflects in how I treat my children, how I get through the day, and my job and calling as a mom.

Schedule is great.  I believe routine to be so important.  (I have talked about how much I believe in routine so much already!) But when it is overtaking your chance to enjoy each moment with your children or even simply each moment of the day as it is, it is becoming TOO important.

God needs to be ahead of our schedule and above our own plans.  When our plans start to take over anything else, we are putting our plans and ideas ahead of God's.  We are trying to take control, when God is always the one in control.

I have to constantly remind myself throughout the day that it is okay if we take naps a little later today.  It is okay if my toddler spends all morning playing with blocks instead of doing another activity I had planned.  It is okay if my toddler wants me to sit and read with her all afternoon even though I had laundry and dishes to get done.  It is even okay when my girls don't nap at the same time and I don't have specific 'me' time. (As much as I might crave it.)

It is so key to be reminded of the unpredictability that can happen in our days as moms and how this does not have to be an annoyance but something to embrace.  By allowing your heart to be open to this you can allow so much more joy into your days.  Even though it sounds ironic - we need to start our days expecting them to be different than what we plan.

To Be Expectant.  Expectant to whatever God might throw your way that day. 

Let us give our day to God today and embrace the unpredictability...because really... do we ever truly know what is going to happen in our days with our little rascals? ;)


  1. Such a great reminder! As a type A person, I tend to get fixated on schedules and have to constantly remind myself to be more flexible.


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