"I'll Pray for You"

"I'll Pray for You."

Hope.  Oh such hope.

Sometimes all we can do is pray for each other.  All we can do is lift each other up to the Lord in desperate need.  But actually?  This is the most we can do.

After a year of struggle with my little baby, I have come to learn the immense hope that is found through praying believers within Christ Jesus.  I truly cannot imagine going through this very situation without the way my family has been lifted up in prayer - constantly.

As believers, we have so much hope.  The most that an unbeliever could ever say to me this past year in terms of encouragement?  "Good Luck" or "Crossing my Fingers".  Two phrases that have left me feeling empty and lost.  Phrases that are nothing more than words to say, words to fill the awkward and incredibly difficult silence.  Phrases with no meaning.

"I'll Pray For You."

Words that bring meaning back into the situation that seems so desperate.  Words that point to God, instead of staying on our self and our own struggles.  Words that give purpose.  Words that mean everything.

I sometimes hear people say they wish they could do more.  Truly, the most you can do is pray.  Those four words may sometimes seem so insignificant and yet they are the most significant. It is to Him we must go to again and again and again.  He can do so much more than any of us could ever do for each other, and therefore the most loving we can be to each other is to lift each other up to Him; to give it to our Loving and Sovereign Father.

"I'll Pray For You."

Don't be afraid to say those words.  Don't hold back in responding to people's hurts in this way.  With the power of Christ in us, with the power of the Holy Spirit, we have the ability to bring God's hope in the ways of prayer to Him.  There is no better encouragement or hope we can possibly give someone who is suffering than the hope of Christ Himself.

So go.  Tell that person in pain.  Remind the person struggling.  And then?  
Pray for them, expectantly. And see the power of God work. 


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