A Day in the Life of... The Glorious Mundane

Today for 'A Day in the Life of' we have Suzanne from The Glorious Mundane joining us!  I just love the name and the meaning behind Suzanne's blog - our mundane, regular tasks as Moms can feel just so... dull.  But Suzanne reminds us that they are truly wonderful and in her words, glorious, because of our God who makes ALL things glorious!  Even (or especially) in the every day life of motherhood.

Be sure to check out her blog and her facebook page for some sincere every day encouragement for us mamas. 

And now?  Read & look ahead to see her typical day displayed in pictures.


Hello! I'm Suzanne! I'm a Christian, a LEO (law enforcement officer) wife, a Mom and a foster Mom. I love to hang out with my family, live frugally, go for a run, be outdoors as much as possible, and curl up anywhere with a good book. I have a passion for being an authentic woman, wife and mother and to not shy away from the hard moments in our lives. After becoming a stay at home Mom, I mourned for a while that my life was so mundane and boring. And then I had a perspective shift when I was reminded that raising children is such a gift, and that through the mundane I can seek to bring God glory. After that, we opened our home to foster children and have had four children in two years! I love to write on my blog, The Glorious Mundane, and you can keep up with me there or on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for following along with a day in my gloriously mundane life! 

SIX am

Wake up and devotions.


Off to school for Heavenly and Blog work for Mama


Feed my family. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs! Everyone has eggs for breakfast!


Run...training for a half marathon! 

TEN am

Goodbye Daddy and Preschool Activity. We have been going through the alphabet and focusing on one letter a week. We are almost done!


Daily Chore. Today is laundry day. Tomorrow we clean the bathrooms. We *try* to do a different chore each day.


Lunch! What shall we eat today? Why must everyone eat every day?

ONE pm

Rest Time ((Bask in the silence!))

TWO pm

Work Time for Mama. Blogging, Reviewing books and organizing my calendar.


Snack and Homework


Homework, Crowd Control, Chores and Chaos. Sometimes referred to as "the witching hour(S)".

12. FIVE pm

Dinner prep + a podcast

13. SIX pm

Dinner Time! Its 3 kids against 1 adult and usually results in approximately two warm bites for Mama. But everyone else is well-fed and content, so we will continue to call it a win.

14. SEVEN pm

Family walk, Books, Bath and Bed.


Lights out for the littles! Also far too chaotic to snap a picture. 


Lights out for the big! Mama collapses on the couch and forgets to take any more pictures. 

TEN pm

To bed and read a book for the Mama. Welcome home from work, handsome officer.


Lights out for all! To all a goodnight! 


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